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“PAPADEAS S.A." company was founded in 1985 and is the largest importer and distributor of industrial tools and hardware in Greece.

It was established in wholesale as a pioneer and innovative company with direct distribution and lasting availability, providing reliable services.

It supplies daily the cooperating retail shops in Greece, Cyprus & the Balkans. Through these supplies it satisfies the professional needs, with the best value-for-money in tools so as to endure through the demanding tasks, as well as the individual with more user-friendly tools to make on his own from the simplest to the toughest constructions.

Our trademark

The ΚRAUSMANN® brand is one of the greatest in the field of amateur electric power tool. From the very first moment of promoting the amateur tool range “ORANGE POWER" we set our goal to meet the needs of the modern buyer and we consider success his absolute satisfaction. We believe we have achieved this since we are able to present to you a wide range of products that are constantly enriched by faithfully following the leaping steps of technology combining authenticity with high aesthetics, ergonomics with the most modern design, high quality with the most competitive prices but also complying with European and international safety requirements.

New identity

KRAUSMANN® has embarked on a global brand change that results in a simpler new logo that upgrades its image at all levels and places the brand in the needs of the current era.

The design team of the company, which worked diligently on the redesign, came up with this approach to maintain the brand’s established high recognition and at the same time modernize its image.

The new aesthetic successfully reflects the quality and know-how behind every KRAUSMANN® tool.

The logo has a more friendly presence, removing the feeling of complexity that most power tools exude. At the same time, the new design manages to create a very distinct identity.

New products

KRAUSMANN® evolves and adds new products to its range, always striving to provide fresh, innovative solutions and ideas in the field of power tools for easy completion of every task.

New high-pressure washer, radial mitre saw with laser, sanders, rotary hammers, drills, angle grinders, electric painting gun and digital compressor are just some of the new power tools that continue to be added to the already extensive ΚRAUSMANN® range of tools, enriching the already large range and providing smart solutions to deal with the most difficult tasks.

New packaging design

As part of the redesign of the identity, the company has also completely redesigned its packaging design, allowing consumers to focus primarily on the product and its unique features, emphasizing the importance and hierarchy of information. The new packages are stylish with clean lines, revealing the dynamic of the products and renewing them to a level that will magnify the consumer’s eye.

The packaging’s aesthetics emphasize the brand’s dynamics, using a softer, friendlier and more flexible white / gray palette.

New manual design

As a consequence of the evolution, a new manual has been redesigned in the form of a small book, richer and more comprehensive, with pictures and detailed descriptions. In this way, the overall product image is upgraded and a renewing freshness is offered throughout the range.

Thus, the consumer now has a very comprehensive user manual in 2 languages (Greek and English) to help him understand each tool and the important functions offered.

Extensions of our brand

After the successful Power Tools series, ΚRAUSMANN® expands its field of activity by introducing two product categories in its range:

  • ΚRAUSMANN® Dynamic Tools. Provides hand tools and power tool accessories such as rivets, cutting / grinding discs, cutting routers, nuts, etc., paint rollers, and also quality work shoes.
  • ΚRAUSMANN® Home Solutions.  Provides smart solutions for home, such as compact vacuum cleaner, hand and head torches, etc.

Both of the new series of tools and accessories follow the unique design of the KRAUSMANN® identity with separate packages, boxes, blisters and of course the products remain faithful to the ergonomics and quality that characterizes the entire KRAUSMANN® range. They provide complete solutions covering every need of the professional and the amateur, thus completing the wide range of KRAUSMANN® products.

You can look up for them in the corresponding categories in our products page.




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