Combined Table Mitre Saw 1800W (6520)

Fixed circular saw and reciprocating saw in one tool. Ideal for cutting wood, plastic and aluminum, always with the appropriate cutting disc and always safely. The high-quality milling angle scale offers precise angle cuts and the precise parallel guide allows for high-precision cuts. The shaft locks for a simple change of the saw blade and thanks to the laser guide you can make precise cuts.

• Disc for wood Ø254×Ø30×2.6mm (48Τ)
• Rip & angle fence
• Work clamp
• Mitre saw table locking knob
• Push stick
• A pair of extension rod
• Dust bag
• Nut
• Hex wrench
• Operation manual


Technical Data

230V ~ 50 Hz
Power input
No load speed
4800 rpm
soft start
Disc size
Ø254 × Ø30 × 2.6 mm (48T)
Table saw cutting capacity
60 mm
Cutting angle
0º – 0º (H×W) 70×130 mm
Cutting angle
0º – 45º (H×W) 48×130 mm
Cutting angle left
45º – 0º (H×W) 70×85 mm
Cutting angle left
45º – 45º (H×W) 48×38 mm
Cutting angle right
45º – 0º (H×W) 70×63 mm
Cutting angle right
45º – 45º (H×W) 48×80 mm
Suitable for cutting
Suitable for cutting
With AC
Laser beam
Table size
457 × 340 mm
Noise level
108 dB
Tool weight
14.3 kg



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