Chainsaw & Pole Pruner 2 in 1 750W (3360)

The KRAUSMANN® chainsaw & pole pruner 2 in 1 has been designed to meet both the access of high cutting points as a pole pruner and the use as a regular chainsaw providing exceptional flexibility and solutions for all wood cutting tasks, while making your job easier. It is ideal for pruning inaccessible branches at various heights from the ground without the use of a ladder. It has a telescopic shaft that reaches 2.4m in length and a rotating head to provide you with access to difficult points. The conversion from a pole pruner to a plain chainsaw is very fast, while the low kick levels of the chain are ideal for smooth and fast cutting of dry and wet wood. The tool can be disassembled for easier storage. CAUTION: The use of chainsaws for cutting metal, stone and other materials is prohibited.

• Shoulder strap
• Guide bar cover
• Operation manual


Technical Data

230V – 50Hz
750 W
Chain speed
12 m/s
Guide bar size
300 mm
Max. cutting length
28 cm
Chain oil tank
60 ml
Saw chain pitch
Length (with extension)
1.85 – 2.40 m
Noise level
102.7 dB
Tool weight
4.7 kg



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