SET Impact Screwdriver 20V + Impact Wrench 20V + Accessories (US106-25SB)

The set includes:
Cordless Impact Screwdriver 20V (U73020-00B)
Cordless Impact Wrench 20V (U75020-00B)
2 Rechargeable Sliding Batteries Li-Ion 5.0Ah 20V (B205)
Battery Fast Charger Li-Ion 4.0Ah 20V (C2040)
Small Tool Bag (KR300) – GIFT

The KRAUSMANN® UN1 POWER 20V battery can be used with all 20V power tools bearing this marking.

Τhe KRAUSMANN® BRUSHLESS engine eliminates this waste of energy that carbon brushes need to produce friction. This increases autonomy, performance and service life of the tool, making it ideal for heavy-duty work.

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