All electric power tools are subject to firm quality tests from KRAUSMANN®. Nevertheless, if some damage comes up a warranty of two years period for DIY covers the faulty material. The receipt or the Invoice should be demonstrated in case of a repair which is under this warranty.

Warranty terms

Warranty terms:

  • The tool has been used properly and for the cause it was made for. The tool appears to have a problem due to faulty material.
  • Damages which came up due to the reasons that follow are not covered from this warranty: Damage due to wrong use. Half or in whole disassembling. The shell of the tool must be opened only by people authorized by the agent. Damage because of overloading or improper environmental conditions. Use of wrong or non-acceptable accessory. Insufficient service and care of the user or others. Damage by foreign elements or other particles (dust, sand, rocks, etc.). Damage by not following the operation instructions and improper use of the tool. For consumables as well as when the damage is due to normal use.If during the warranty a damage comes up which cannot be repaired by the authorized service, the power tool will be replaced with another new perfect one without any cost. When a warranty is being accomplished the duration of it, is not being renewed for the same tool.In case a repair is needed after the expiration of the warranty, we will give the most possible attention to the repair of the tool.

Declaration of Conformity

All the electrical tools which are in this catalogue have been designed in compliance with the following standards: EN 60745, ΕΝ 50144, ΕΝ 61029, ΕΝ 60335, ΕΝ 60825-1 ή ΕΝ792, ΕΝ 55014, ΕΝ 61000-3-2, -3-3 ή 3-11 (accordingly to the type of each tool) and in accordance with the following directives: 73/23EEC, 93/68EEC, 98/37EEC, 89/336EEC, 2004/108EEC.

The KRAUSMANN® power tools have all necessary rightness certificates which have been issued by approved certification companies, since they have contacted all the tests successfully.

The wastes of the power tools and their batteries we can not dispose them as the house wastes. Think of recycling them where it is possible to do that. Be advised from the local authorities about collecting and disposal of them.


We keep the right to change any technical data or model. The pictures are not binding. We do not bear any responsibility for typographical mistakes.


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